Music is a universal language and the issues of the Himalayan region are a global concern. We believe in using the platform of music and sound to deliver messages about issues that affect all of us through a medium that everyone can relate to. This collaboration is an extension of the traditional benefit concert, as it connects people from all over the world in a unified project, linking local and global efforts. 

The tracks on this internet music platform were donated by each musician, speaker, or poet in an effort to raise funds for earthquake relief, and bring people together through the medium of sound. Beyond the act of donating something to raise funds, the tracks serve in helping in different ways, whether it is to heal those who are suffering in this difficult moment, or to show solidarity. All tracks were donated by the artists on the page. You can download individual tracks or the full album for a donation which directly support projects on the ground in Nepal, as well as the organizations, foundations, individuals, and schools listed on the Funds page. 


Happy Birthday to HHDL

Poem written and performed by Patti Smith
Piano: Jesse Paris Smith

**This poem was originally written in 1995 in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 60th birthday. 

A Small Entreaty
May I be nothing
but the peeling of a lotus
Papering the distance
For you underfoot
One lone skin
To lift and fashion
As cap to cradle
Your bowing head
An ear to hear
The great horn
A slipper to mount
The temple steps
One lone skin
Bearing this wish
May your hands be full of nothing
May your toys scatter the sky
Tiny yellow bundles
Bursting like stars
Like smiles
And the laughter of a bell

Patti Smith

Tendor Dorjee speaking about Climate Change and the Himalaya - Live at City Winery on the first evening of Climate Week NYC, September 19th, 2016

Techung and Rinzing Wangyal performing three songs live at City Winery

Tenzin Choegyal performing two songs at Le Trianon during the first weekend of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (Cop21), December 4 and 5, 2015