Uniforms and Bags

We are honored to help support 135 kids in Nepal with new uniforms and backpacks.




Women Everest Expedition

We are so proud to support and be a partner of the Women Everest Expedition 2018, inspiring women's confidence. Their vision is "to make women capable of doing everything and (to be) self dependent through mountaineering by 2030." You can learn more about Women Everest Expedition here


2 Years since

Two years ago today a massive earthquake in Nepal killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. The losses of lives and homes that took place during this disaster can never be replaced, but the country needs to continue to rebuild, and still needs help. Everest Awakening has incredible friends and collaborators working on the ground in Nepal, building schools, bridges, greenhouses, food programs, sustainable energy sources, monasteries, neighborhoods, communities, doing so much that benefits and reaches the people directly. In an effort to raise awareness and funds, we joined together 2 years ago offering 80 tracks of music and sound. The Bandcamp site is still active for you to enjoy the tracks that were donated, and to donate your own funds in return, knowing it will reach groups like Heartbeat, Mountain Resiliency Project, Raju Lama Foundation, ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood, independent community projects on the ground, etc. You can also connect with these groups directly. There is still so much work to do. Thank you so much and so much love to everyone affected by the earthquake, its aftermath, and everyone working so hard to rebuild.

Happy 80th Birthday HH the Dalai Lama! Celebrating with Poetry, Music and Art

Come and celebrate HH the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday with Poetry, Music and Art.  

WHEN: Friday, July 10, 2015, 7pm - 2am
WHERE: Astoria Sports Complex, 34-38 38th St, Astoria, NY 11101 (Steinway Station on "R" and "M" trains)
GET your tickets today:  http://sft.convio.net/site/Donation2?df_id=4100&4100.donation=form1

On July 6th, SFT staff, students and members will join people around the world in celebrating the 80th birthday of one of the most recognizable icons of peace, hope and compassion in our world: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. 

When His Holiness escaped from Tibet in 1959 at age 25, he embarked on a tireless journey to lead his people in their freedom struggle. Over the past fifty years he has created a thriving exile community, built international support for Tibet, and inspired countless people to believe a better world is possible. 

His Holiness has committed his life to transforming our world through compassion and nonviolent action. 

Through our innovative youth leadership training programs, hard-hitting campaigns and strategic nonviolent direct actions, SFT is working to help end the Chinese government’s occupation of Tibet and secure a future where His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all Tibetans are reunited in a free Tibet. 

Join us as we celebrate His Holiness' 80th birthday and recommit to working for peace and justice in Tibet and around the world.


Tara Lobsang

Ibrahim Asad Siddiq aka P.O.E.T (Putting Out Eternal Thoughts)
Tenzin Dickyi
Sonam Tsomo
Tsering Lama

Shyam Nepali
Jesse Paris Smith
Pema Kunsang 
Nam Gyal
Penpa Lhamo

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Happy 80th birthday to His Holiness the Dalai Lama!

My mom and I performed this poem together at Carnegie Hall in NYC for the annual Tibet House benefit on March 5th, and we recorded it shortly after for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Today we offer it as a musical birthday card, and the profits will benefit Tibetan Children's Village(TCV). Learn more about TCV here:  http://www.tcv.org.in Happy birthday, HHDL. You are a symbol of peace, hope, and compassion for all beings on this earth. Thank you for all that you do. Love, Jesse and Patti. :)


Tsechu Dolma

Our friend Tsechu Dolma just returned back to NYC from Nepal. She was on the ground visiting rural districts that have widespread destruction and very little access. Tsechu is apart of ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood, a group supported by Everest Awakening, who is on the ground raising funds for 'rebuilding a resident Nepal, highlighting gender and rural vulnerability.'

Here is the crowd rise fundraising link for ACHA: https://www.crowdrise.com/acharebuildingresiliencefund

Here is Tsechu's Op Ed for NBC news about how to strategize and give for Nepal.:


To Nepal with Love: Rubin Museum Spiral Music

Words cannot express the gratitude to everyone who participated in the event yesterday evening. To Tsechu Dolma fresh off the plane numbed with jet lag telling us what she saw on the ground in Nepal the past couple weeks, To Tenzin Dickie, Muna Gurung, and Sonam Tsomo for sharing their beautiful and moving poetry and words, to Nacho Arimany for opening the space on solo percussion with a prayer to the Himalaya, and to Camila Celin for joining him later on Indian sarod, to Raju Lama for sharing his voice filling the whole museum, to Prajwal Bajracharya for accompanying him on guitar, to Sonam Rinzin for doing a live drawing throughout the whole evening of words and music, a beautiful pencil drawing of Buddha and temples of Nepal and later stepping away from the canvas to sing with Vishnu Gurung, Rajesh Khadigi, and Nima Sherpa, who closed the evening with singing a final song for Nepal. Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories, memories, worries, and hopes for the future. Thank you to Tara Lobsang for filming, and to Sherry Katapodes for shooting pictures. Thank you to Rubin Museum for offering this opportunity to curate an evening of Spiral Music, and thank you to everyone who attended to listen and share in the evening. So much love to you all.

Another Earthquake Today

This morning there was another earthquake in eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, affecting again Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bangladesh. Officials say around 40 have died, more than 1000 injured, and at least 17 have also died in India and 1 confirmed in Tibet. The earthquake hit near Namche, and many in Kathmandu rushed to the streets in panic. I spoke to some friends there today, and they are safe, but others are still trying to make contact with their families.

We have to continue to talk about this, to remind each other that it is happening, that it is a reality now every day. We have to continue to raise awareness and funds, and get these funds to the people who need them, and to make sure they are reaching the people quickly. The earth is not happy, and even mighty Everest is in a weakened state. As the poet Yuyutsu Sharma reminded recently, 'Nepal is a place of extremes'. It is true, and so true for all of the Himalayan region: major earthquakes, glaciers melting, unbelievable dreamlike landscapes, and some of the absolute most beautiful and amazing people you could ever find. It doesn't end with earthquakes, and it doesn't end with melting glaciers. The earthquake leaves unimaginable feats of rebuilding, both at a level of city and construction, and at a human level. People suffer now from PTSD, and children need to get back to their schooling, and the people need to be able to find a way to carry on with this new fear that an earthquake can seemingly happen at any time. And the glaciers don't just melt, but they pool into lakes, which offer the people of the area a constant fear of these glacial lakes overflowing and flooding into their towns, leaving destruction in their path. 

The problems of the Himalaya are the world's problems. Maybe in the past some people have felt disconnected from helping the Himalaya because they feel so far away from the story. But it is their story, too. Keeping people safe in times of destruction is a global concern, educating children is a global concern, the future is a global concern, setting an example for justice and freedom of a people is a global concern, and the safety of the planet is a global concern. An earthquake is not tied to a particular region as their problem, it is not a 'nepalquake,' it is an earthquake, so it is all of our problem. These are issues that concern the entire world, both in a direct actual way and in a metaphorical sense. When I was in Nepal in January, there was a day when I was looking at the Langtang mountain range in the distance and I wrote an email to Bill Mckibben, panicking about the problems of the melting glaciers and the land effected beneath them, asking him for advice about what to do. He suggested in his words a message of to please enjoy it and take it in while it is there. He said: "enjoy kathmandu, and nepal. you're seeing scenes that won't be there forever, which is sad in one way, but a big part of our job at the moment is to be witnesses to the fleeting." He could never have known about the earthquakes, but he did know that the high Himalaya is one of the very top places in the world feeling the effects of climate change. So I decided to enjoy the time I was there and worry about the issues when I got home. Ever since I returned home, it was clear to me that I wanted to focus on the Himalaya and climate change, water issues, environmental issues, and all that comes along with that. And now that these earthquakes have hit, it is just even more evident that the time is now. The Himalayan region is one of extremes, and shows the rest of the world examples of what is possible, both the most beautiful things, and the most devastating. We have to pay attention to the messages being presented to us. 


Mother's Day

So beautiful and powerful yesterday to be at Ralo to see and hear Raju LamaShyam Nepali, Tenzin Donsel, and Tendor Tibet Dorjee བསྟན་རྡོར་ and Dr. Marianne Kim and Taichi Hirao(I didn't get there in time to see Tendor, Marianne and Taichi but I know they were wonderful) perform at Heal the Himalayas, a fundraiser where Ralo agreed to match the donations. Was also wonderful to hear from Sogyel Lhungay who organized this event, along with his beautiful parents and sister in their amazing rug store. Raju spoke so beautifully about his mother and his home in Nepal, and you can donate directly to the fundraiser he started at www.gofundme.com/rajulama

After leaving Ralo, Tara Lobsang and I walked to bowery poetry club for Night for Nepal to see our amazing friend Yuyutsu Sharma read his poetry, all benefits going to Shikshya Foundation Nepal. What a contrast in some ways to being at Ralo, and how amazing to see all the different kinds of events our friends are pulling together to raise these much needed funds.

Welcome to Everest Awakening - Prayer for Nepal and Beyond. Here we will be giving updates on the situation in Nepal and the neighboring regions of the Himalaya - Tibet, India, Bangladesh. This site is a portal to find ways to connect with the culture of the Himalaya and donate help and funds for Earthquake relief, whether it is through our initiatives, recommendations for the most effective relief organizations working on site, or the initiatives of musicians, artists, activists, and others in our community. Please send us any information you wish to post here via the contact page. 

Today we launched the Bandcamp page!  All tracks were donated by the artists on the page. You can download individual tracks or the full album for a donation. Thank you so much to everyone who donated a track, and to everyone who helped to make this possible. 


Our friend Kesang Sherpa is asking today: 

‪#‎nepalearthquake‬ dear friends can someone suggest which wholesalers of the following items might be able to give supplies on credit with an IOU? Rice. Dal. Cooking oil. Soyabean (maseura), chiura, salt, sugar, candles, blankets, torchlights, noodles and biscuits. Thanks for your help!