Welcome to Everest Awakening - Prayer for Nepal and Beyond. Here we will be giving updates on the situation in Nepal and the neighboring regions of the Himalaya - Tibet, India, Bangladesh. This site is a portal to find ways to connect with the culture of the Himalaya and donate help and funds for Earthquake relief, whether it is through our initiatives, recommendations for the most effective relief organizations working on site, or the initiatives of musicians, artists, activists, and others in our community. Please send us any information you wish to post here via the contact page. 

Today we launched the Bandcamp page!  All tracks were donated by the artists on the page. You can download individual tracks or the full album for a donation. Thank you so much to everyone who donated a track, and to everyone who helped to make this possible. 


Our friend Kesang Sherpa is asking today: 

‪#‎nepalearthquake‬ dear friends can someone suggest which wholesalers of the following items might be able to give supplies on credit with an IOU? Rice. Dal. Cooking oil. Soyabean (maseura), chiura, salt, sugar, candles, blankets, torchlights, noodles and biscuits. Thanks for your help!